Episode 26: Down Go Trade Rumours

Sean McIndoe (who you may better know as ‘Down Goes Brown‘) joins the show to discuss the precarious position the Winnipeg Jets find themselves in this season, and how Ondrej Pavelec’s time on the shelf may very well be a blessing in disguise for them moving forward.

We also look into his outside the box idea for how the league can increase potential trades throughout the year, the long-standing longevity vs. peak debate as it relates to Patrick Marleau and Vincent Lecavalier, and what currently constitutes the best rivalry in the league.

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One thought on “Episode 26: Down Go Trade Rumours

  1. jmikelittle says:

    I wonder if part of the reason mid-tier players like Abdelkader get big money contracts is because GMs feel they can’t get those players in a trade, because no one is trading. Lowers the perceived labour supply


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