Episode 32: Shake It Hoff, Shake It Hoff

We finally sink our teeth into the Ryan-Nugent Hopkins rumours, discussing potential returns and why the Oilers will almost surely wind up regretting making the move if they eventually go through with it.

We also have a discussion about Mike Hoffman, and how the Senators must be kicking themselves about not signing him long-term last summer. As a special treat: you get to hear that conversation be interrupted by Hoffman himself, after he scores a game winner in overtime against the Blackhawks.

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One thought on “Episode 32: Shake It Hoff, Shake It Hoff

  1. Dustin Morley (@DustinMorley) says:

    Hey guys, I’m loving your podcast. The discussion on trading Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was great. However, I think there are a good number of ways to make that trading RNH could help the Oilers.

    The first way is trading him for a young, top-pairing D. You guys threw out the names of Seth Jones (which makes so much sense) and Jared Spurgeon. What about guys like Tyson Barrie, Justin Faulk, Jake Gardiner, and Morgan Rielly? I could see any of those happening and making sense for both teams.

    You guys also said Hamonic and Byfuglien don’t make sense, but what if they were part of a package? Hamonic + Dal Colle for instance.

    It could also make sense to trade for a franchise goaltender. What about RNH for Corey Schneider?

    The third way, and most likely in my mind, is to trade RNH for multiple good players. The Oilers are a mess due to a lack of good players so if you could turn RNH into three good players it might be worth it. Detroit probably wouldn’t be interested in moving significant assets for anything but a top pairing D, but they’re an example of a team with an overabundance of good players but not enough elite ones. But I’d be interested to see if you thought a package of something like Tomas Tatar, Riley Sheahan, Jimmy Howard, and Xavier Ouellet would make sense for Edmonton, because I think it would.

    So, just some alternative thoughts on the matter.

    The bottom line though, is if I’m a fan of the Oilers, I’m nervous about this. Chiarelli hasn’t made a lot of good moves as a GM in my opinion, and his trades have been especially bad.


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