Episode 43: Singing The Blues

Craig Custance, who was a Friend Of The Podcast well before it was cool to be one, makes his triumphant return to the show. We adopt the St.Louis Blues, who are approaching a fascinating crossroads with regards to balancing making a run this season while keeping an eye on the future financially.

We also discuss the compelling case Cory Schneider is making to be be Team USA’s number one goal at the World Cup, whether Braden Holtby could conceivably sneak into the Hart Trophy debate, and the general glut of high-end talent between the pipes at the NHL level these days.

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One thought on “Episode 43: Singing The Blues

  1. Arec Freibott says:

    I’d take Quick heads up against any netminder in the league, or the world for that matter. Also i hate to play this card, but it’s pretty clear you guys have some East Coast bias going on. So allow me to provide the other side of that. I think perhaps you forget how horrible LA was before Quick emerged. It’s definitely underrated how much energy/confidence LA gets from Quick. There is not a more clutch goaltender, or one that is funner to watch in NHL. No question you start Quick in a big game if you have access to him. Goalies like him come along once in a great while, Quick is a special player.


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