Episode 82: Hanks For Nothing

Nick Mercadante joins the show to react to the New York Rangers meekly bowing out of the opening round of the playoffs with the visuals of the Penguins skating laps around them fresh on the mind. We discuss where they go from here, whether Alain Vigneault is still the man for the job, and how blaming Henrik Lundqvist for the loss is missing the forest for the trees.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

0:40 The fresh wounds of the Rangers playoff exit
4:30 The overrealiance on Henrik Lundqvist
7:32 The pros and cons of Alain Vigneault
11:05 The untapped potential of Kevin Hayes
16:31 Fixing the Rangers this summer
19:40 The curious case of Jonathan Quick
26:45 The flawed idea behind “timely saves”
32:50 Introducing Win Threshold %
38:30 Boom or bust vs. Consistency

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