Episode 87: Age is Just a Number

Nick Mercadante joins the show to discuss how much seasoning goalies should ideally get in the minors, the upper limit for how many games a goalie should start in the regular season, and the next frontier for evaluating goalie performance quantitatively.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

1:51 Giving goalies time to mature in the AHL
5:20 The human element of the position
7:54 Squeezing more value out of ELCs
15:22 Vasilevskiy’s strange path this season
17:15 Ideal workload over the course of a season
 21:13 This year’s crop of available goalies
 26:30 Using bad goalies to subtly tank
29:40 Plans this summer to create new tools

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Thanks for listening!



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