Episode 106: Watchability Rankings

Jeff Marek joins the show to help count down this season’s most watchable teams from 30 to 1. Much like last season, the premise is as follows:

“If you’re sitting down on a random Thursday night and there’s a ton of hockey on to choose from, which teams are you prioritizing seeing (all other things being equal, and rooting allegiances aside)? Talent is obviously king, but style and likelihood of engaging in a back-and-forth, fast-paced affair is just as important. Remember: sometimes being a very successful hockey team in terms of wins and losses and your place in these rankings can be inversely related.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

1:45 Cellar-dwelling Vancouver Canucks
9:00 Flawed upstarts
12:30 Teams lacking puck-movers
18:30 John Tavares Appreciation
26:00 The Ducks under Carlyle
40:00 Downfall of the Chicago Hawks
45:00 Minnesota’s chess pieces
54:45 Marek’s love for the Hurricanes
67:00 New Look Colorado Avalanche
70:00 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
75:00 High flying Jets
78:30 Eastern Conference Cream of the Crop
82:30 #1 Most Watchable Team

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Thanks for listening!


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