Episode 116: Keep Up Or Get Left Behind

Bret Hedican joins the show to discuss how much the game and the demands of the defense position have changed since he came into the league. Plus, how the San Jose Sharks went about constructing their blueline, what it’s like watching Brent Burns on a nightly basis, and some other quick-hitting topics about his time playing in the NHL.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

0:30 Difficulty evaluating defensemen
7:15 How the San Jose Sharks built their blueline
11:30 Brent Burns as a force of nature
14:40 The chicken vs. egg of winning and chemistry
19:15 Staying Power of Coaches in Modern NHL
22:15 Is Patrick Marleau a hall-of-famer?
24:20 Favourite defenseman to watch

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Thanks for listening!


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