Episode 118: Turning Over a New Leaf

James Mirtle joins the show to discuss who’s pulling the strings for the Leafs behind the scenes, why Roman Polak is still in our lives, and the importance of squeezing the most out of every single roster spot. We also talk about how fair it is to expect our readers to have a certain baseline understanding of the subject matter, and his new gig at The Athletic.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

1:00 How much are readers expected to already know by now?
4:45 The Florida Panthers are a team run by “computer boys”
8:01 Who’s making the personnel decisions for the Leafs?
13:27 Why are Roman Polak and Matt Hunwick still a thing?
16:21 Mike Babcock’s blindspots as a coach
20:30 Optimizing every single spot in the lineup
23:00 Dougie Hamilton’s name in trade rumours
27:40 Mirtle’s exciting new career news

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Thanks for listening!


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