Ep.128: Metro Division Rules Everything Around Me

Jonathan Willis joins the show to help construct a preliminary power rankings list, counting down the teams from 30 to 1 both in terms of how they’ve played thus far and their future prospects moving forward.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered:

0:20 Thomas Drance being hired by the Panthers
2:45 The Cellar-Dwellers
7:45 Spots 28 to 24
21:00 Rounding out the bottom third
25:00 The Edmonton Oilers
28:00 Season’s biggest disappointments
30:30 The murky middle tier
44:45 How do the Los Angeles Kings keep doing this?
46:45 Are the Blackhawks due for steep regression?
48:50 Montreal Canadiens improved play
52:15 The Goddamn Metro Division

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Thanks for listening!


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