Ep.230: Sent into Exile

Justin Bourne joins the show to discuss a variety of topics, most notably including:

1:00 Brad Marchand and supplemental discipline
13:45 Outside the box ideas to improve the product
19:20 Evaluating coaches, Doug Weight, and the Islanders
34:20 Peter Chiarelli, the Oilers, and the MVP discussion
44:10 The toll of rebuilding
52:00 The most lethal shots in the game
59:00 Claude Giroux

Photo above via Matthew Tsang.

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2 thoughts on “Ep.230: Sent into Exile

  1. Ian says:

    Dimitri, I just gotta say, I frickin love the podcast. I listen to pretty much every episode. I like the content and the perspective more than probably any other hockey coverage and I generally can’t wait for the next episode to come out.

    This episode is particularly interesting for me because I’m a Wings fan, and the tanking discussion is obviously super relevant for me. In fact it’s been relevant for me for years. I think I have a pretty good perspective on it that I’d like to share.

    We regularly see the point made that a full on tank doesn’t work for some teams and my team and others are pointing to those failures and using them as an excuse to not commit to a “rebuild.” I want to urge everyone in the discussion to look at the picture wholistically.

    First of all anyone pointing at the Oilers and using them as an example for a rebuild not working is misleading any casual fan/observer and frankly doing them an injustice for reasons you pointed to earlier in the show. You can’t make those trades, you just can’t. I’ve said something similar to what you said on my local message board, “I’m a Wings fan, but I’m also a hockey fan and the thought about what we could have watched with the Oilers teams that could have been is haunting. If they Wings made those trades I’d be so pissed.” If Chiarelli had not made those trades and they have a good coach, they’re icing an insane lineup. Then the rebuild more than works. And the people making these “rebuilds don’t always work” claims are also suffering from selective memories that are only focused on the short term because look at Pittsburgh and Chicago.

    I’d also like to say I know Buffalo has been terrible forever, but the jury is still out on them, and they might be a few moves or seasons away from making it work. Also, as you two stated, look at what Arizona is doing, and may be able to do going forward. I think Chayka might be doing something special with accruing high end young talent and balancing it with proven NHLers and I’m excited to see if it works.

    One thing I can say for sure is the Wings have been stuck in the middle for a bit and it’s not a fun way to be a fan. It makes you pull your hair out.


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