Ep.254: The 2018-19 Watchability Rankings

Sean McIndoe joins the show to help compile our annual Watchability Rankings. In this episode we put together a list counting down from 31 all the way down to 1 based on the entertainment value each team figures to provide viewers with this season. Here’s a good rundown of the methodology that guides the list:

“If you’re sitting down on a random Thursday night and there’s a plethora of games to choose from, which teams are you prioritizing seeing (all other things being equal, putting rooting allegiances aside)? Talent is obviously king, but style and likelihood of engaging in a back-and-forth, fast-paced affair are just as important. It’s important to remember that sometimes being a very successful hockey team in terms of wins and losses and your place in these rankings can be inversely related.”

Sponsoring today’s show is SeatGeek, which is making it easier than ever before to buy and sell sports and concert tickets. They’re giving our listeners a $20 rebate off of their first purchase. All you have to do is download the free SeatGeek app and enter the promo code PDO to get started.

We’ll be doing weekly daily fantasy listener leagues over at FanDuel this season. If you go to fanduel.com/PDO and tell them we’ve sent you, they’ll hook you up with a bonus $20 to play with after your first deposit. The first contest will be running on the opening day of the season during October 3rd’s four-game slate. See you there!

One final big thank you to Chris Bradford for the new artwork, and Ketan Jogia for the new theme music in advance of the new season.


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