Ep.256: Growing the Game

Jonatan Lindquist joins the show to discuss the latest NHL Global Series venture and the league’s attempts to grow the game overseas (1:00), the Devils pursuit to build off last year’s surprising success and avoid regressing (12:30), John Gibson’s excellence and the Ducks reliance on youth (21:30), the Sharks early season growing pains (34:00), and the differences between European Pro Leagues and the NHL (46:30).

A reminder that we’re hosting a daily fantasy listener league contest over at FanDuel every Thursday this season. While you wait for the next opportunity to play to come around, go over to fanduel.com/PDO and tell them we’ve sent you. They’ll hook you up with a bonus $20 to play with after your first deposit, which will surely come in handy throughout the year. See you there!

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