Ep.260: Getting Over The Hump

Alan Wells joins the show to discuss the Tampa Bay Lightning, how they can fight off the downswing phase of the cycle successful NHL teams go through, and how they can finally get over the hump and shed the mantle of being the team that always falls just short in the postseason.

In this episode we get to the succession plan from Steve Yzerman to Julien BriseBois (6:00), Ryan McDonagh’s bounceback season (12:20), squeezing the most out of Mikhail Sergachev (19:20), the new phase of Steven Stamkos’ career and a potential move to the wing (26:00), how to keep your window for contention open (45:12), and the jockeying for position in the Atlantic Division (55:20).

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One final note: a reminder that we’re hosting a daily fantasy listener league contest over at FanDuel every Thursday this season. While you wait for the next opportunity to play to come around, go over to fanduel.com/PDO and tell them we’ve sent you. They’ll hook you up with a bonus $5 to play with after your first deposit, which will surely come in handy throughout the year. See you there!


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