Ep.366: Rebuilding the Red Wings

Prashanth Iyer joins the show to deep dive the Detroit Red Wings rebuild. We discuss how they got to where they are, what they’ve been doing this offseason, and how they can improve their outlook moving forward. Topics include:

3:30 Last year’s historically bad results
8:00 How did they get to this point?
12:00 The turning point for the franchise
18:00 The various forms of tanking
24:00 The agenda being their moves this offseason
29:00 Identifying who’s part of the core
35:00 Finding creative ways to add assets
42:00 Injecting elite talent in future years
49:00 Allowing goalies to do the tanking for you

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One thought on “Ep.366: Rebuilding the Red Wings

  1. brian aster says:

    Hi there,
    Super enjoyed this PDO cast, as I’m a lifelong Redwings fan. First time listening to your show, and would definitely listen again.
    Wanted to leave some feedback regarding the sound engineering on this episode. Prashant’s mic was much quieter than yours, so I would turn it up in my car, and then when you would interject or reply the volume was waaaaaay louder causing distortion on the speakers as well as an uncomfortable listening experience.
    Hopefully your technical director can find a way to even out the volume going forward…
    Otherwise, insightful analysis!


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