Ep.401: Potential Jack Eichel Trades

Chad DeDominicis joins the show to discuss where things went wrong for Jack Eichel and the Sabres, the most interesting landing spots for him, and what kind of trade return Buffalo should be looking for. Topics include:

  • Jack Eichel’s 6 years in Buffalo
  • How the Sabres failed to build around him properly
  • Why the two parties reached a point of no return
  • Exactly what kind of player is the team trading for him getting
  • The next steps for the Sabres moving forward
  • Organizational baggage when it comes to rebuilding.. again
  • The type of assets they should be targeting
  • Getting quality over quantity in trade packages
  • Making the most of this year’s draft, especially at the top
  • The most interesting landing spots for Eichel

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