Episode 64: Would You Rather?

Having been blessed with a pair of admittedly less significant, yet still relevant trades to dissect, we take full advantage. In doing so we discuss the bizarrely marginal upgrade by the Sharks given their situation, the Leafs prudent strategy of stockpiling draft picks and the Canucks lack of foresight.

Plus, spinning it forward we  look ahead to Monday’s deadline with some speculation about popular names that have been bandied about in trade rumours recently.

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One thought on “Episode 64: Would You Rather?

  1. Claudio says:

    Saw Travis’ post on officials trying to balance power-play opportunities. Very interesting, but what I think could even be more revealing is including the score of the game when looking at penalties called. Just by watching the games I am extremely sure that referees favour the trailing team – so often you see calls go the trailing team’s way, calls that imo would never have been made if that team was leading or the game was tied. I guess one would only have to look at the number of penalties drawn per minute league wide when leading, tied, and trailing. Might be worth a look.


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