Ep.168: Tuning Out The Background Noise

Greg Wyshynski joins the show to discuss the effects the Ottawa Senators unique playing style has on fan interest, both Conference Finals matchups, and whether there’s actually any merit to the idea of an Alex Ovechkin trade this summer.

Apologies in advance for the inexplicable jazz music that’s playing quietly in the background throughout the show. It wasn’t intentionally done, unless you happen to enjoy it, in which case it totally was.

The topics covered include:

2:40 The Senators game plan vs. Pittsburgh
4:20 Penguins adjustments from one game to the next
7:07 Mainstream media coming around on Erik Karlsson
12:03 Marc-Andre Fleury’s renaissance
12:54 The Ben Bishop trade and signing
16:14 Johansen vs. Kesler matchup
20:06 Lindholm and Silfverberg’s stardom
23:41 Nashville as a hockey market
27:36 Where do the Capitals go from here
31:38 Team-building approach in Vegas
35:02 Trading Cory Schneider this summer

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Thanks for listening!


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