Ep.169: Winning Over The Hockey World

Alex Prewitt joins the show to discuss how the Nashville Predators have captured the attention and imagination of the hockey world, how they were constructed and put together from the top down, and why they’ve been as successful as they have been.

The topics covered include:

1:20 The atmosphere at Predators games
6:12 The fickle nature of Hockey Markets
9:31 David Poile’s longevity and adaptability
18:46 The job of a coach behind the scenes
22:02 The frantic pace the Predators play at
25:33 Covering for all of the injuries up front
30:30 A frank discussion about PK Subban
36:49 Pekka Rinne’s hot playoff run
43:09 Filip Forsberg and The Trade

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Thanks for listening!


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