Ep.348: Quarantine Rewatch, Penguins vs. Red Wings 2009

With the NHL season on hold, we’re going to fill the void by going back and rewatching classic playoff games and moments from the past. In the first instalment of the series, Craig Custance helps deep dive the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals featuring the Penguins and Red Wings. The categories covered include:

3:30 Where were you when..
8:00 The lasting legacy of the game
12:00 Setting the scene
22:40 What aged the best
34:40 What aged the worst
49:00 TSN Turning Point and Most Rewatchable Sequence
53:00 Biggest heat check performance
56:45 Most unanswerable questions
1:04:40 The ‘That Guy’ award
1:06:00 Twitter take you wish you had in the moment
1:08:00 Who won the game?

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us here.


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