Ep.349: Quarantine Rewatch, Bruins vs. Leafs 2013

Chris Johnston helps deep dive the 2013 first round series between the Bruins and Leafs that’s still remembered to this day as “It was 4-1”. The categories we cover include:

4:30 Hockey in 2013
14:30 What aged the best
27:30 Bruins beating aging curves and their non-replicable formula
35:00 What aged the worst
41:00 The Leafs roster decision making in this era
59:30 Revisiting the Tyler Seguin trade
1:06:15 TSN Turning Point
1:10:00 Biggest heat check performance
1:12:00 Most unanswerable questions
1:15:00 Twitter take you wish you had in the moment
1:20:20 Who won the game?

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us here. You can also go back into the archives and catch up on the previous Quarantine Rewatchables we’ve done:


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