Ep.350: Quarantine Rewatch, Canucks vs. Blackhawks 2011

Thomas Drance helps deep dive the 2011 first round series between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks, which marked the third consecutive year they met in the postseason and culminated in an epic Game 7 overtime. The categories we cover include:

5:00 The legacy of this game and how we remember it
12:00 The rivalry between the Canucks and Blackhawks
19:00 How overqualified this was for a Round 1 matchup
25:00 The Alex Burrows redemption story
33:00 How ahead of their time these teams were
37:00 Who looks most impressive on rewatch
48:30 The rarely seen well executed offer sheet
58:20 Toews vs. Crosby debates
1:01:15 The Canucks handling of goalies
1:11:30 Most rewatchable sequence in the game
1:17:30 Becoming Corey Crawford believer
1:23:00 The Biggest ‘THAT‘ Guy
1:26:00 Most unanswerable questions
1:31:20 The Sedins and Kesler on Apex Mountain
1:39:00 Who won the game?

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us here. You can also go back into the archives of the show and catch up on the previous Quarantine Rewatchables we’ve already done:


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