Ep.405: Mock Draft 2021

Cam Robinson and Chris Peters join the show to help preview the upcoming entry draft. Topics include:

  • Mock draft of the top 15 picks
  • What we think should happen vs. what we think will happen
  • Realistic player comparisons for the top prospects
  • Favourite talents that should be available later
  • Risky picks that teams should stay away from
  • The challenges of evaluating players this year
  • Scouting using video versus in-person viewings
  • What people mean when they say this class is weak
  • What we’re looking for when watching game tape
  • How what we prioritize has evolved over time

If you’re looking for even more in-depth analysis of this year’s draft class in preparation for it, the Elite Prospects Draft Guide is just the thing for you. It includes detailed scouting reports, projections, and breakdowns of every prospect that you need to know about. You can use the promo code DRAFTGUIDE, which gets your three free months on an annual subscription when you sign up. With it, you’ll not only get the guide, but you’ll get access to all of the great written content available at Elite Prospects Rinkside, which includes the musings of yours truly.


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