Ep.419: The 2021-22 Watchability Rankings

Pete Blackburn joins the show to help construct this year’s version of the annual Watchability Rankings. We discuss what makes a team watchable, and what we prioritize when tuning into a game, before ranking all 32 teams in the league from top to bottom based on that criteria. Topics include:

  • Whether the Coyotes are so bad that they’re good
  • Why you need to give the Blues a second chance
  • What makes the Ducks this year’s ‘Midnight Rider’
  • Fear of missing out on Connor McDavid’s latest highlight
  • Enjoying Alex Ovechkin chasing history
  • Teams we struggled to rank because of injuries
  • The novelty of the Kraken vs. their actual performance
  • Young teams we want to get in on early
  • Established teams we know what we’re getting from

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One thought on “Ep.419: The 2021-22 Watchability Rankings

  1. matt says:

    The watchability rankings are my favorite episode every season. This was a great episode, though I do admit I enjoy story time with uncle Jeff as well.


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