Ep.420: We’re All Trying to Find Who Did This

Satiar Shah joins the show to discuss Vancouver’s horrible start to the season, who’s really to blame for it, and what the Canucks organization will do next to try and fix it. Topics include:

  • How surprising these early results are
  • Why the organization pivoted this offseason
  • The team’s decision to make all-in moves
  • Bloated expectations heading into the year
  • The media’s role in influencing those expectations
  • The 8 years of the Benning regime
  • How much ownership’s meddling complicates things
  • Whether the coaching really is to blame
  • Why their playing style doesn’t match their personnel
  • Elias Pettersson’s struggles over the last year and a half
  • What happens next in Vancouver

Credit to Jyrki21 for the hilarious art.

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