Ep.352: Quarantine Rewatch, Capitals vs. Canadiens 2010

Andrew Berkshire helps deep dive the 2010 first round series between the Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens, which wound up being one of the most stunning upsets ever and helped launch an endless supply of bad takes about Alex Ovechkin. The categories we cover include:

4:00 An upset of epic proportions
16:00 Setting the stage for how we got here
31:30 Jaro Halak’s legendary performance
37:00 Bruce Boudreau camera shots
41:00 Criticism Ovechkin took for this series
52:00 How remarkably well Ovechkin has aged
1:02:00 The hockey world wasn’t ready for Mike Green
1:11:30 TSN Turning Point and Most Rewatchable Sequence
1:18:00 Biggest Heat Check Performance
1:24:00 Doc and Eddie’s Commentary Corner
1:30:00 Most Unanswerable Questions
1:39:00 Apex Mountain

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us here. You can also go back into the archives of the show and catch up on the previous Quarantine Rewatchables we’ve already done:


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