Ep.354: Quarantine Rewatch, Ducks vs. Oilers 2017

Mike Johnson helps deep dive Game 5 of the 2017 second round series between the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers, the epic late comeback and dramatic overtime finish, and how much both teams have changed in such a short period of time since. The categories we cover include:

3:00 The legacy of this game
18:00 Ryan Getzlaf’s quiet and underrated dominance
27:30 The McDavid vs. Kesler matchup
34:00 The talent the Ducks had on their blueline
44:00 Officiating in the postseason
58:00 The late game comeback
1:02:00 Biggest Heat Check Performance and ‘That Guy’
1:09:00 Calling a game like this on TV
1:15:00 Most unanswerable questions
1:26:00 Apex Mountain

The Hockey PDOcast · Episode 354: Quarantine Rewatch, Ducks vs. Oilers 2017

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us. The full game isn’t available on Youtube unfortunately, but you can still see the broadcast in its entirety on NHL TV. You can also go back into the archives of the show and catch up on the previous Quarantine Rewatchables we’ve already done:


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