Ep.356: Blue Jackets vs. Lightning 2019 Rewatch

Alison Lukan joins the show to help revisit last year’s stunning round one upset of the Lightning, how the Blue Jackets managed to pull it off in legitimate fashion, and everything that’s happened since for both franchises. The categories we cover include:

2:30 The magnitude of the upset
10:00 How the Blue Jackets did it
20:00 What aged the best
33:00 What aged the worst
43:00 Turning point and Most Rewatchable Moment
49:00 Biggest Heat Check Performance
52:00 Biggest ‘That Guy’
58:00 The good and bad of Pierre McGuire
1:04:00 Most Unanswerable Questions
1:14:00 Apex Mountain
1:21:00 Who won the game

Stay safe, get comfortable at home, kick back with a beverage of your choice, and watch along with us. The full game isn’t available on Youtube unfortunately, but you can still see the broadcast in its entirety on NHL TV. You can also go back into the archives of the show and catch up on the previous Quarantine Rewatchables we’ve already done:


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